Longines replica Record series fake watches

Longines this year to create a big victory in the clock, following the launch of the world’s leading precision Kangcas VHP quartz watch, this year’s Basel New Watch and Jewelery Fair, as Switzerland’s famous watch brand it for the series table Add a miracle, that is the new Record series of watches, to celebrate the 185th anniversary of the brand. From the Swiss Suoyi Ya’s pure watch the traditional it is stylish and simple, and the integration of classic and elegant design and superior quality, show Longines replica brand’s iconic masterpiece. Monocrystalline silicon as Record series movement in the hairspring design, greatly protect the watch’s excellent quality and precision performance, this watch will be the focus of the watch to watch the audience. In addition, it has many excellent qualities of the brand is the first of all the watches were awarded the Swiss Observatory certification (COSC) watch series, we can see the significance of Longines. Here, take a look at:

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Continuation of tradition, adhere to innovation
Elegant design and superior quality, is the classic style of Longines classic style, showing the essence of the brand watchmaking process. The new Record series of watches inherited this excellent brand characteristics, and nowadays hot monocrystalline silicon implanted in the watch, is also the traditional watchmaking and contemporary fusion of innovative materials for the wearer to provide more in line with the needs of the times Outstanding timepiece.

Longines Record series watch

Stainless steel case
Simple and classic 40mm steel round case line smooth and natural, after polishing treatment after showing a delicate full of metallic texture, very beautiful. And has a perfect arc of stainless steel lugs into one, to better fit the wrist, ergonomic design. With the material of the ear is located in the side of the replica watches, which engraved with Longines LOGO design, giving the watch a unique style of the brand.

White matte dial
White matte dial showing a simple and elegant, 12 large-scale paint painted Roman numerals marked eye-catching, and the central fresh and beautiful blue steel pointer against each other, can clearly indicate the time, very convenient. The date display window is located at 3 o’clock and adds a glamor to the dial.

Equipped with single crystal silicon gossamer automatic movement

Monocrystalline silicon gossamer L888.4 movement

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Through the back through the design of anti-scratch sapphire crystal back cover, movement of the operation at a glance, do not have some fun. Equipped with monocrystalline silicon gossamer L888.4 movement (ETA A31.L11). As in the series of other watches, high precision and superb technology so that it won the Swiss Observatory awarded the “precision timer” certification to protect the travel time and date display function of the precision and stability, show series watches Of pure, extraordinary quality.

Stainless steel bracelet
After polishing and drawing of stainless steel bracelet, the material will be the perfect blend of two styles to show an excellent taste to enjoy. The bracelet connects the three-fold safety clasp, which has a push-type opening device that facilitates the wrist wear. Can be very good to protect the watch in the wrist safe, not easy to fall, very convenient.

Longines Record series watch
Summary: This time, Longines Record series of watches to four different sizes, and six male models, seven kinds of female models to choose from new, to cater to different wrist thickness and preferences of the wearer. All watches are to three-pin dial and date display window for the dial design, to express the quality and precision watch basic functions. In addition to two stainless steel diamond watch, the other watches are steel material, with a stainless steel bracelet or alligator strap. With a variety of choices, as well as outstanding inner core, to show the brand full of sincerity.

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Tissot Replica Watches Time Gifts Treasure Series Silicon Tours

In some twinkling of an eye, and again in the annual graduation season, some places “Millennium baby”, has gone through the compulsory education career, and part of the 95, will also face college graduates, whether high school graduation, or university graduate, At this moment, will enter a new stage. Graduation season, often means “adult ceremony”, both after the 18-year-old adult ceremony, but also after 95 from the school into the social “adult ceremony.” Obviously, this moment is very important, it affects their life trajectory. (T108.408.16.057.00), professional posture, the meaning of time eternal, after all, is a section of the school. Time gift, to commemorate a turning point in life.

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Graduation of the moment, I feel like a regain new life, farewell to the past, with unknown, longing, excitement and some confused, go to a new environment, where not necessarily as carefree as ever, It is difficult to live like a student relationship in the past as innocent, there is a small society, but there you never enjoy the scenery, you have not get along with people and relationships, where everything is fresh to you. With curiosity and dreams, always grasp the different exciting course, you will gain a lot, Tissot replica will be your ideal partner, you need to have a ritual thing, to accompany your initial heart. Tissot Po series watch is such a design for you, exquisite, accurate, wonderful extraordinary.

Tissot ring series of silicon long hair kinetic watch
Tissot Po series watch by Huang Xiaoming endorsement, full of men’s temperament, this is one of the leather strap style, the use of stainless steel production case, watch diameter 39 * 41 mm, thickness 9.84 mm, size is very moderate. In order to highlight the watch personality, as well as not really installed, bezel made a special decoration, grain effect to watch the dynamic, but also a large personalized watch design, suitable for everyday wear casual wear. At the same time, the black dial with leather strap, and laid its tone, suitable for your first interview, the first time into the workplace to wear.

Bezel personalized design
Stainless steel case after the front polished, bright color, feel good, side case with a drawing effect, the overall process processing is satisfactory, the details of the pick.

Mercerized polished ear
Conventional lug design, derived from the case with the shape of the whole body, curvature of nature, connecting a black leather strap, through the inside of the hidden trunnion design, to keep the ear and the case of the perfect arc.

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It is worth mentioning that the 3 o’clock position of the crown, the surface design and bezel die, providing excellent operating feel, while the precision design of the movement, the crown, whether it is on the chain, pull the file to adjust the date and time , Feel good, almost can not hear the sound, indicating that the internal lubrication and gear meshing very smoothly.

Butterfly buckle
Watch with a black leather strap, with a variety of clothing, but also suitable for this summer, with graduation travel in a variety of good photos. Strap with a butterfly buckle, easy operation, safe and reliable.

Powematic 80 Silicon Tourmaline Fully Automatic Mechanical Movement
Of course, as this year’s Tissot’s new work, its biggest advantage is that with a high-tech movement, through the sapphire glass bottom cover, you can see the internal carrying the best replica watches “heart.” Automatic pendulum Tuo Tian Tian specially decorated after treatment, compared to many of the previous Tissot watch, a lot of beautiful.

Tuo Tuo through Tianxing decoration processing more exquisite
Movement using powermatic 80 automatic mechanical movement, with three technical advantages: 80 hours long power, the Observatory certification, no card count of silicon escapement escapement speed control system. These three for the mechanical movement, are qualitative improvement, from the gravel in the development of the silicon from the hairspring, with anti-temperature, anti-magnetic and a certain degree of shock resistance, stability, stronger than some alloy gossamer.
In the balance wheel splint, equipped with silicon hairspring movement, have “Si” icon.
Summary: For graduates, such a watch not only has a good quality, but also the value and taste, heritage Tissot classic cheap replica watches aesthetic concept, simple design, not easily outdated. Obviously, it can be perfect to accompany you through the university for four years, you can also take you into the workplace when the memorable years. Graduation season, is also a “adult ceremony”, you will send yourself a gift?

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Cheap Tag heuer Replica AUTAVIA series chronograph

In 1962, Jack Heuer (Jack Heuer) designed the first equipped with a rotating bezel Tektronix Autavia series chronograph, exquisite appearance and excellent performance by many well-known racing drivers of the favor, became a very popular Welcome to professional watches. In 2017, uphold the high enthusiasm for racing and classic watches, TAG Heuer in 2017 Basel Watch and Jewelery Show to Autavia series of the first generation chronograph “Rindt” (introduced in 1966) for the design prototype, complex Engraved with a new Autavia series chronograph, the new watch not only inherited the classic watch the excellent qualities, and in the original design based on a slight change to make it more in line with the needs of modern timepieces. Here, take a look at it.
Tribute to the racing driver and classic watches

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Not only the re-release of the iconic watch, but also to commemorate the famous F1 champion Jochen Rint (Jochen Rindt) re-engraved, was named “Rindt” it also reflects the real car world and The first generation of series of timepieces respect. And retain the 20th century, 60 years F1 heroes dedicated watch rugged temperament and legendary image, so that retro chronograph fans are obsessed. In addition, the original performance through the brand of modern technology to enhance, is also the classic design and modern watchmaking skills of the perfect fusion, to create excellent performance and feelings of both extraordinary time.

Slightly changed

TAG Heuer Gautama AUTAVIA series chronograph
The new code table will be the original 1960s 39 mm expanded to 42 mm, more adapted to the standards of contemporary wearers. In addition, the 12-hour scale bezel and the new Heuer-02 special chronograph movement to join, so that the new timepieces to retain the first generation of watch series of design concepts and aesthetic style at the same time, also showing a rich modern design sense.

42mm stainless steel case and crown
After polishing the steel case after showing a delicate and full of watch texture, very beautiful. Black aluminum alloy to create a two-way groove ring close to it, carrying a striking white Arabic numerals time scale, showing a great sensory enjoyment. After processing the texture of the groove after the texture is not smooth to protect the watch timing of the precise operation. Stainless steel crown is located between the two timing buttons, engraved with the top of the TAG Heuer replica LOGO pattern, giving the watch brand’s unique charm.

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Exquisite black dial
Black dial, the three white luminous time against each other, as the car dashboard both visual sense, full of unique charm and timeliness of the essence. Stainless steel pointer and set the time scale are covered with Super-LumiNova ® beige luminous coating, in a dark environment showing a magnificent luminous effect, the length of different thickness of the luminous coating can be the moment of time Clearly and intuitively presented, very convenient.

CAL.HEUER 02 movement
Back through the process design of the blue crystal glass back cover will CAL.HEUER 02 movement of the charm of all presented, do not have some fun. As a brand new production of the chronograph movement, power storage up to 80 hours, and has 100 meters of waterproof performance. In addition, the new movement design will be three small time disk spacing widened to protect the balance of sight and dial easy to read.

Imitation calfskin strap
Texture and comfort of the old calfskin strap for the watch as a whole retro charm add luster, showing a retro era of charm. Equipped with a stainless steel needle buckle, can be a good protection watch wrist safe, not easy to fall off, very reliable.

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TAG Heuer Gautama AUTAVIA series chronograph
Summary: “Big head button, groove crown, TAG Heuer logo and imitation calfskin strap for the watch to bring the rugged beauty, coupled with the profound origin of the car, excellent features and classic appearance makes this Excellence in the introduction of a wide range of attention has been made to become a table on the more outstanding one of the watch.If you like this watch, may wish to consider.

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