Vacheron Constantin replica Tourbillon pink gold watches

As we all know, three asked the time, Tourbillon, calendar for the watch industry’s three complex functions, with any one of the timepieces are rare masterpiece. In the 2017 Geneva high clock salon (SIHH), Vacheron Constantin will own research and development and manufacture of 2755 TMR movement into the new timepieces, so that the three asked the time and Tourbillon two major complex functions of the complex integration of watches and clocks, Show the brand high level of technology. With unparalleled reliability, stunning four. Watch once launched, it attracted the attention of all the watch enthusiasts. This timepiece, is the watch home will be introduced for everyone’s Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle series of Tourbillon three asked the watch. (Watch model: 6500T / 000R-B324)
The integration of two complex processes
As one of the most outstanding inventions on the watch, the operation of the tourbillon can counteract the influence of gravity on the timepiece and enhance the precision of the watch. And three asked the newspaper, you can use a different wonderful tone, reported at this moment, carved, minutes. No matter what a complex function, are a serious challenge to the brand watchmaker. Vacheron Constantin not only successfully overcome the technical difficulties, but also these two complex functions gathered in the same movement among the past to the traditional handmade watch tricks to pay tribute.
Watch show
“Side” on the tablecloths of the Vacheron Constantin series of Tourbillon three asked the pink watch, just like a very deep connotation of the refined gentleman, every moment to show its noble posture and excellent talent, it is Distracted.
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Low-key luxury red gold case
Different from the gold of the eye-catching, 44 mm 18K 5N pink case, after polishing polished to show the soft texture, low-key and luxury, to better show the excellent meaning of the watch. One side of the pink gold crown, to slip texture design, to facilitate the wearer’s watch operation. Crown engraved with Vacheron Constantin brand logo, showing the unique charm of the brand.
The other side of the crown is the red timekeeping device slider
The same polished polished 18K 5N pink gold when the slider feel superior, gently touched, they will hear the sound of the three asked the news time, do not have some fun.
Watch dial show
Watch with silver milky white dial decorated with Vacheron Constantin store sale watch limited edition of the exquisite hand carved carved carved patterns. This design to the brand’s unique creativity to show its origins in the 18th century traditional watchmaking skills – carved carving skills, giving the watch a unique beauty. And watch the dial for the small three-pin eccentric disc design, both to the overall timetable more stylish, but also for the bottom of the tourbillon “let” out of the stage.
Dancing tourbill show
Under the watch, the tourbillon below the dial to Vacheron Constantin iconic Maltese cross shape for the framework to the rhythm of the mechanical voice for the dance, like a dancer in the white dial dancing. At the same time, small seconds on the tourbillon above, in the cheerful rhythm with the dance, very wonderful.
Unique charm of the movement show
Through the transparent sapphire crystal table cover, you can enjoy the movement of the movement, do not have some fun. Watch equipped with a new Vacheron Constantin 2755 TMR manual movement, engraved with the Geneva mark, to ensure the accuracy of travel time. After the traditional black oxidation of the 58-hour power reserve pink gold pointer, located in the back of the table rather than the front of the dial, but also for the back cover of a lot of ornamental enhancement.
Gentle texture of the Mississippi crocodile skin show
Watch connected to a hand-sewn double-layer dark brown Mississippi crocodile belt, after the brand’s special treatment, the texture is very superior. Equipped with a 18K 5N pink gold folding buckle, can be a good protection watch wrist safe, very reliable. In addition, with a large pattern of dark brown strap makes the watch adds a mature and stable atmosphere, can perfectly show the wearer’s unique style.
Watch show
Summary: Tourbillon and three asked the time two complex watch function combination, showing Vacheron Constantin outstanding tabulation tradition and innovation ability. And then with a low-key and luxurious 18K 5N pink gold case, both from the shape or content, it is called Vacheron Constantin’s another masterpiece. The watch is only available at the Vacheron Constantin store and is equipped with a “time sound” resonator to enhance the effect of the three-tone device.

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