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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term “sports betting”? “illegal!” Right? But guess what, it is not illegal in a lot of countries. Sports betting is a form of gambling in which one risks their money or commodity on a particular team or player, predicting the game’s result. In the case of the prediction done right, a handsome profit is earned, but if it goes wrong, then the risked money or commodity is lost. Thus, allowing a future event to decide the fate of the invested lump sum amount.

What are the types of sports betting?

This kind of gambling is of five types, namely :

  1. Money line
  2. Point spread
  3. Totals bet
  4. Parlays
  5. Teaser

daftar judi casino online

Why are betting illegalized?

daftar judi casino online is not a new custom, and we can find some ancient evidence of the same. Instances of betting and gambling can be found in epics like Mahabharata, in which the Pandavas lost their entire kingdom to the Kauravas and had to eventually disguise themselves and lead a life of exile for years. This proves that investing one’s savings on a chance event in the name of ‘game’ or ‘fun’ can be extremely perilous, and it also serves as a good example of how addictive bets can be.

Sports betting has been banned in certain parts of the world, some major reasons being –

  1. The huge risk involved in it.
  2. It was highly addictive.
  3. Its association with various crimes.
  4. Providing financial assistance to terror-based activities.
  5. It leads to alcoholism, and in some cases, it eventually leads to depression.

Apart from the above reasons, sports betting done on a large scale leads to defamation and breaches the audience’s trust and emotions. In some cases, sports betting has cost eminent players their careers and reputation.