Omega Seamaster replica AQUA TERRA 150

The new Omega Seamaster AQUA TERRA 150 meters, “to attain coaxial” black lacquered dial wristwatch, the elegance and dynamic vitality perfectly into one. The price is 45,700 yuan. Official Model:

4235 4226
Timeless design style, elegant, attractive. Classic and tough timepieces, Omega celebrate the glorious ocean legend.
Rio is presenting a unique enthusiasm and energy, replica Omega inspiration from the prestigious Copacabana (Copacabana) Beach, the mosaic sidewalk design evolution corrugated pattern on the dial, and printed with 18K gold to create Omega brand identity.

4227 4228
Mosaic sapphire crystal 41.5 mm in diameter on the dial, hour markers and hands are in 18K gold to create, at the same time at 3 o’clock with a calendar window.

4229 4230
Case made of brushed stainless steel polished by flowing lines, three-dimensional sense. Crown screwed chosen design, the top brand of classic engraved logo, signifying the essence of the brand Omega replica: excellence, perfection and achievement. Polished and brushed stainless steel bracelet after a three-row design, simple and elegant. Watch with folding clasp, safe and secure, and easy removal.
Sapphire crystal back through the Omega 8500 coaxial movement of the operation to attain the beauty of a show exhaustive. The movement can resist up to 15,000 gauss magnetic field, water resistant up to 150 meters.

4231 4232
Super-Luminova covered with luminous coating pointer and scale, even in the dark of the deep ocean, can clearly read the time.

4233 4234
Every good athlete has a lifelong dream, have faith and enthusiasm, worked hard to make the dream cast history. The Olympic Games, Omega replica watches power and accurate record of these great athletes dream of fighting at the moment. Outside the stadium, it is also accompanied with the same harbor dreams of you and me, we record every wonderful moment a dream come true.

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Mido replica watches helmsman series Seekers

When a heat wave strikes Olympics, when the movement became the focus of national concern. Every day, we see some people with luggage, and went to a certain scenic city, engaged in self-combustion and physical energy wake. Attendant, sports stylish new find, how to shape the self-image of a focus of attention in the movement? 2016, the United States and Switzerland launched a grand helmsman degree table (Multifort) Series seekers automatic mechanical fake watches, the watch has a strong sense of movement, the movement is to meet the nature of men’s hearts. Today, we model M025.407.36.061.10, together feel the beauty of the eyes of sports fashion.

Helmsman series was born in 1934, was just completed in only two years of the Sydney Harbour Bridge as the design inspiration, with a waterproof, shockproof, anti-magnetic and self-winding four series advantage and become a milestone in the history of Mido replica. Thus, functional helmsman become the core of the series, and combines simple design until today. 2016, helmsman seekers series automatic mechanical watches with the same simple appearance and practical performance compelling, on this basis, the United States of using modern technology and bold color, watch for the injection movement style.


Mido Helmsman seekers series automatic mechanical replica watches

2016 Mido Helmsman series seekers were launched two new watch, a chronograph models, an automatic mechanical watch, for the love of friends helmsman watches the two options. This gold seekers helmsman series automatic mechanical watches has distinct characteristics, from the overall personality amazing courage decoration, to meticulous details; from sports fashion design, to long kinetic performance; it will undoubtedly be more multi-sports enthusiasts of all ages.

4195 4196
Heritage helmsman series iconic features, watch the disk through the strip decorative corrugated Geneva (black dial decorated with Geneva corrugated longitudinal, double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal protection), at different angles showing a corrugated light changes, such design inspiration from the suspension of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Watch pointer, scale, as the finishing touch to the outer ring are in brown, black dial and black outer ring, eye-catching. 42 mm table diameter, is the current mainstream sports watch size, suitable for most people wear.
Of course, watch the scale is not flat, turned at a slight angle, you can clearly see the three-dimensional time-scale scale, these projections to dial Arabic numerals and dot scale, and have been around the needle surface when Super-LumiNova® luminous treatment helps to read under the dim environment, but also play a decorative role.

4197 4198
How to determine whether a table is a pragmatist, or class tool table, it can to a large extent reflected in the bezel. Mido Helmsman series seekers automatic mechanical watch bezel frosted, smooth surface is not formed, when there was a slight abrasion not significantly exposed. The surface of stainless steel material, after a black PVD treatment, help to improve the wear resistance. Scale on the bezel, it can assist in reading the minutes. If you could wear it moves, then these details will certainly play a role.

4199 4200
Brushed stainless steel case, black PVD coating surface treatment (grinding and polishing silky 316L stainless steel case, PVD coated black and gray). Case of traditional three-tier structure, with the screw-in crown waterproof (screw crown), the watch is water resistant to 100 meters, more than the daily water level, ease of movement, or outdoor activities may face more water environment.
This is the first time the United States of brown and black as the main colors with each other, bold color for the watch to bring tremendous vitality. Mido in the leather strap, the rules of the punch. This comes from sports equipment breathable design has become a fashion, popular among many sports watch. This is also the first replica Mido watches products using all natural treatment leather strap, it can be worn with time and adhesion darker.

4201 4202
All along, the helmsman series with solid, practical and simple design is known for its rough thickness of 11.23 mm, then the resulting, for the movement, dial and case provides sufficient space.
Although Mido Helmsman series seekers automatic mechanical watch is a watch with a distinctive movement style, but its sleek polished lugs, it has shown that it is also suitable for everyday wear a casual watch, in black under the background, the more quality science and technology.
In clasp aspect, the use of stainless steel material watch black PVD folding clasp, and in order to improve security, table wear two putt at the fastening state will completely locked. At the same time, with a pin buckle table, in accordance with the size of the wrist, self-adjusting length of the band is very convenient.

Through the transparent case back, Mido fake watches automatic movement glance. The Mido after finishing the Calibre 80 movement, is the United States in recent years, the growing popularity of automatic movement, with 80 hours power at full chain state can be the perfect weekend. Beautifully polished textures and dazzling blue steel screws, but also improve the overall appreciation of the watch.
The United States and Switzerland seekers degree table helmsman series automatic mechanical watch has a unique personality, it will be beautiful and dynamic shaping your temperament, cool and bold color will lead the urban sport trend. At the same time, its reliable performance and eye-catching luminous, can also accompany you in the outdoors, a romantic evening.

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Rolex Explorer replica 1016

The Rolex Explorer 1016 sprawls on a table, an insufficient couple of years short of its 30th birthday, seeming much as it did when it was delivered in 1989. An odd Catch 22 of a watch at this point, its definitive year of creation, for it probably looked like something from such a long time ago, yet it bore, and still bears, that newish look of a semi-cutting edge Rolex. These inconsistencies, and the way that the 1016 is, as I would see it, the most starkly excellent Rolex sports observe ever made, make it an exceedingly covetable timepiece to be sure.


Rolex Explorer 1016

The Rolex Explorer 1016 sprawls on a table, an insufficient couple of years short of its 30th birthday, seeming much as it did when it was delivered in 1989. An odd Catch 22 of a watch at this point, its definitive year of creation, for it more likely than not looked like something from such a long time ago, however yet it bore, and still bears, that newish look of a semi-cutting edge Rolex. These disagreements, and the way that the 1016 is, as I would like to think, the most starkly wonderful Rolex sports observe ever made, make it a very covetable timepiece without a doubt. , we investigate the end of the line for one of Rolex’s most prominent manifestations.

The Rolex Explorer 1016 was created for more than 25 years

The Rolex Explorer 1016, of the greater part of the brand’s game watches, has dependably been the under watch in the brand’s lineup. Contrasted with heavyweights, for example, the Submariner, GMT, and Daytona, the Explorer has constantly positioned as downplayed, undervalued, underexposed, and, one could contend, “under-upgraded”. Discharged in 1963, the 1016 essentially soldiered on through 1989 (some say 1990) with not very many redesigns beside a move far from plated to matte dial, a change from non-hacking 1560 to hacking 1570 development, and a definitive expansion of a strong wrist trinket. Yes, the Rolex 5513 Submariner was another study in life span, however even it had a shorter run spanning from 1966 to 1984. The 1016 discreetly kept an eye on everything for a long, long time.


So it climbed Everest, yet what makes the Explorer interesting?

The Explorer is most well known for its incorporation on the main summiting of Mount Everest in 1953. Besides, the different models discharged until the Rolex Explorer 1016 appeared in 1963 are all around reported on numerous locales. In doing some examination for this article, what I truly needed to comprehend, and share, was what made the 1016 not the same as other Rolex Oysters of the day. Beside an alternate dial plan, what made the Explorer fit for a mountain climber? It’s an inquiry worth asking on the grounds that the Explorer is, and dependably – with couple of variations – has been, a straightforward three-hand watch with no intricacies. Strikingly, the 1016 imparted its case to the Datejust of the time: reference 1603. In addition, it later utilized a hacking 1570 gauge programmed like numerous different Rolexes (sports and non), so that wasn’t anything unique. Things being what they are, was the Explorer essentially an instance of window dressing?


Really, the Rolex Explorer 1016 contained eminent redesigns versus the correspondingly cased Datejust and it got improvements versus its antecedent, the Explorer 6610. The best distinction found in the Explorer was its water imperviousness to 100m. This was very all other non-sports Rolexes and was accomplished by means of a thicker domed acrylic precious stone and a round (cross-sectional) case back gasket. 1603’s for instance utilized an edged precious stone and a level gasket. Another little, yet astute contrast found on the 1016 was the incorporation of somewhat thicker, more strong, spring bars. At last, if the potential proprietor coveted, Rolex would supply the 1016 with low consistency oil introduced so as to help operation at low temperatures. Along these lines, while the distinctions may have been unpretentious, I’d really like to think about the Explorer more like a Porsche Clubsport – reason worked with all that one needs and nothing pointless.


Up until this point I’ve deliberately excluded the most striking normal for the Explorer that has made it so renowned, as well as made it so useful for mountaineering: the dial. Why? All things considered, it merits its own section. The distance back in the mid 1950’s, Rolex composed the natural 3/6/9 dial as seen on the Rolex Explorer 1016 in light of the fact that it was so intelligible for fast and critical time telling under intense conditions, for example, say, hanging off the side of a mountain. The extensive measure of tritium on the dial in addition to the later expansion of the huge, intense Mercedes hands additionally upgraded perceivability under low light conditions. It’s a show of total effortlessness that opponents the Submariner effortlessly and effectively wins its place amongst the most notorious ever. Obviously, Everest established the Explorer’s legacy regardless.


A relationship with the Explorer 14270 prompted a chase for a 1016

I expounded on the subsequent meet-up the 1016, the Rolex Explorer 14270, in a prior scene of we secured the recently modified (fortunately) 214270 that wowed us at Basel, so it’s unmistakable we like our Explorers. In my prior article, I said that the 14270 was a watch that fundamentally lived on my wrist all the live long day from 1998 until 2011 – so agreeable, so adaptable thus non Rolex in such a variety of ways. I implied and imply that in the most delightful way imaginable simply because it’s a watch that doesn’t draw in excessively numerous eyes, isn’t seen frequently, and is regularly worn by the individuals who truly cherish watches; it’s basically not a marvelousness piece. Along these lines, it was in mid 2012, subsequent to searching for different vintage watches, that I thought why not recover the enchantment that I felt for the 14270 by discovering its immediate forerunner, the Rolex Explorer 1016.


I wasn’t after simply any Rolex Explorer 1016, however. No, in a show of direct restriction to how I act today, I needed a model as late as could be allowed in the creation keep running, in lovely condition, and with all the printed material. Something like a 1988 R-arrangement or a L-arrangement from 1989 was my immediate target. A 20-25 year old Rolex with every one of the treats shouldn’t have been so hard to discover, would it be advisable for it to? Scores of Submariners, GMT’s and Datejusts sat out there, so an Explorer ought to have been simple prey. Indeed, one moment.


Late creation 1016’s are famously elusive

I began searching for a Rolex Explorer 1016 in all the standard places, for example, chrono24, eBay, and the huge Rolex gatherings and discovered nothing. All the more particularly, I saw a great deal of ratty 1960’s and 1970’s Explorers with very overpolished cases, revamped hands and dials, and different diseases. In all honesty, they simply weren’t exceptionally appealing and, yet, they were costly. At that point, while the Japanese Yen was still extremely solid, I took a business excursion to Tokyo and had a weekend to skim the reiteration of utilized/vintage shops that make up the city’s incredible fake watches scene. I happened upon one boxed mid-1980’s piece that had quite recently been set apart as sold minutes before I arrived and I understood that Japan was and is crazy over these pieces. The store benevolently permitted me to attempt on the sold watch, my first time with a 1016 on the wrist, and I reached the conclusion that owning one was considerably to a greater degree a necessity.


Terrified and back home, I made plans to locate a decent, late model Rolex Explorer 1016 and came back to checking my typical online frequents once a day. At last, in the fall of 2012, my boat came in as a private dealer recorded a piece out of Italy – where, apparently, the lion’s share of good vintage observes live. The vender was weakly relinquishing his darling 1016 keeping in mind the end goal to subsidize a not-yet-found Double Red Sea-Dweller, but rather the piece he had recorded was an outright pearl. It was a L-arrangement, boxed with papers, had quite recently been reestablished and adjusted, and accompanied the greater part of its changed parts – the gem and crown. It was precisely what I needed put something aside for one issue; it was amazingly costly.


The Explorer 1016 is an expensive Rolex

The Rolex Explorer 1016 is a touch of a peculiarity with regards to values. Much in the way that the Explorer avoids the spotlight in Rolex’s present lineup, vintage pieces don’t get a huge amount of press unless an uncommon early form comes up at closeout. In any case, and I should concede that I have zero proof of this, I fight that Explorers were not made in high volume like Submariners or GMT’s. Without a doubt, the 1960’s saw the world go into a wide range of outside games, yet mountain climbing needed to speak to a far littler group than, say, jumping or getting on a plane. (Coincidentally, demonstrating no longing to diminish its emphasis on specialty exercises, Rolex took after the Explorer up with the Explorer II – made for spelunking, discuss engaging 1% of the 1%!) Plus, the other marvel I’ve seen with 1016’s is that proprietors tend to clutch them; they just don’t exchange with the normality of different Rolexes. What’s more, costs? They’re shockingly costly and have been for a long while. How costly? Attempt generally $7,000 to well over $15,000 for early plated pieces. The late model versions, for example, you see here really order a premium and business sector for $10,000-12,000 in awesome condition with all the pack.


Returning to the buy of the Rolex Explorer 1016, I occupied with over a month of correspondences before the dealer and I conceded to a value that at any rate had a small portion of rational soundness. A week or so later, the watch arrived and I was totally awed. As a two-proprietor piece, the vender purchased the cheap replica watches from its unique proprietor, an Alitalia flight chaperon who purchased the watch from a Swedish AD. The watch was well kept, however the merchant had the watch reestablished – astonishingly – in Bologna and the case and wrist trinket (a 78360 with 20mm 580 end joins) really look stunning.


The end joins on the Rolex Explorer 1016, incidentally, display an exceptionally regular 1016 quality in that they transcend the case somewhat when it is seen from the side and they bang and rattle in that most beguiling way. With respect to case, the merchant assessed that it is at around 95% thickness, however it looks close new to me. It shows the delightful cleaned complete on its sides and the coarse, directional completion on its top. Like a legitimate games Rolex replica, it contains penetrated drag gaps, yet the solid thickness of the case has guaranteed that the openings haven’t enlarged or that the spring bar closures aren’t uncovered.


At the point when a gem “makes” the watch

The dial on this Rolex Explorer 1016 is completely immaculate and like such a large number of R and L-arrangement pieces, it shows no maturing. It doesn’t gleam by any means, however it’s fresh white and matches the hands delightfully. Everything on the dial is printed and on account of the numbers, secured in tritium. The printed dial text style looks like something out of the 1960’s without a doubt and as said in my underlying section, probably looked decidedly dated by the late 80’s – in any case, absolutely not old fashioned. Finishing off the 1016 may be one of what history’s most prominent domed precious stones. From top caps to super vaults, cool precious stones are synonymous with vintage Rolex and whatever this focal point is called, it’s a decent one. The precious stone on the 1016 mixes so impeccably with the fluid like types of the cleaned case and bezel and really moves a somewhat starkly dialed watch into something that I’d really allude to as hot. Yes, trust it or not, a precious stone can accomplish this level of impact. Furthermore, that is definitely why it’s such a flat out tragedy, to the point that the greater part of 1016’s available are fitted with Rolex-issued administration precious stones that aren’t domed by any means. They’re walled, chamfered, and, might I venture to say, they demolish the watch!


Is the 1016 Rolex’s most excellent games watch?

On the wrist, the Rolex Explorer 1016 is an outright diamond. At 36mm, it’s an extraordinary size – I won’t contend with the individuals who rally for bigger – and it just looks shocking. It does not have a tad bit of the dressiness of the cutting edge 14270 on account of its matte dial, yet the watch can in any case capacity over all limits. Take note of how thin and pointy the hauls are when seen from the top and you truly start to value the fragile work of art Rolex created case-wise. It’s this sort of styling that makes the watch far beyond only an immaculate games watch. Additionally, while strap changes are a breeze, I battle to see the need to run with something besides the production line supplied Oyster wrist trinket. I see photos of 1016’s on calfskin, NATO’s and Jubilees, however to me, a games Rolex fits on one and only style of arm jewelery if the proprietor is sufficiently lucky to possess one. The Oyster arm jewelery is greatly agreeable and notwithstanding its extensive connections, doesn’t diminish at all from the fundamental stage that is the situation and dial.


uying systems for a Rolex Explorer 1016 are generally like those utilized for other vintage Rolex models and that implies one thing: alert is prompted! Yes, numerous man-eating sharks invade these waters, however fortunately great assets exist in spots like the vintagerolexforum and rolexforums. People there are normally avid to help and will likewise give references on merchants on the off chance that they’re meriting. With Rolex, purchasing unique is essential if speculation potential is of concern and discovering unique corrective parts can be troublesome and is constantly costly. I specified a portion of the pitfalls prior, for example, supplanted or relumed hands and dials. Likewise, there’s the entire domed precious stone issue and finding an extra unique is to a great degree intense.


At last, I don’t lament purchasing the Rolex Explorer 1016 regardless of a high cost at the time. It’s expanded in quality since that time, however all the more critically, I’ve perhaps seen a modest bunch of comparable pieces since that time. In the event that you’ll permit me, I’ll review a brief story from maybe 6-8 months preceding purchasing the case you see before you. I was riding on a transport to the plane from Frankfurt’s fundamental terminal (on the off chance that you hear what I’m saying, you’re shaking your head in acknowledgment) and sitting opposite me was an American in his mid-40’s. On his wrist, displaying slight wristband stretch, was what resembled a 1980’s 1016. This was obviously the explorer’s regular watch and it was in decent, worn condition. The proprietor most likely had no clue that his Rolex, perhaps purchased as a graduation blessing or who comprehends what, was presently a horrendously alluring piece yet he wore the watch without any difficulty and solace – and it just looked unobtrusively great. Like Explorers dependably do…


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Cartier replica Drive de watches

“Hand and heart are connected, stole a lazy hand, play inside know. Watch connected time, it’s fine, style, time will eventually be deposited on your body.” Olivia does not know is not the reason, in the Cartier watch Olivia to join micro-film shoot “hand”, these words deep in my heart, I fell in love with this Drive de Cartier watch. Under Olivia elegant and charming look, I seem to see him and Drive de Cartier general and internal accumulation. Watches Model: WSNM0004.

We know that Cartier watch industry has been leading the fashion vanguard, is the same as the existence of the vane, which specializes in classic shell shape which like but into the classical elements of fashion interpretation of a different flavor. The new “Drive de Cartier” inspiration is derived from the antique car dashboard. Frankly, many cheap replica watches are based on antique cars or car element for the creation of source, Drive de Cartier watch can stand out in many, while in fashion, people feel intense nostalgia, this is the classical reverence, courtesy of the past.

Cartier amazing creativity

Cartier launched Drive de Cartier watch, excellent shape to become a classic. Let me feel it the right way is neat and elegant pillow-shaped profile, clear texture of curved lines, as if one saw a man’s self-confidence and renowned. And 40 * 41 mm dial size just fit for men, not contrived and it looks capable.

4100 4101
This watch charm Tiancheng, steel octagonal crown set with a synthetic spinel multi-section, set off with only the men’s masculine, tough, elegant, independent high quality of life.
With respect to stainless steel bracelet, I prefer the leather strap, because leather strap does not seem so tough, and slightly lighter weight, more comfortable to wear. This just uses a semi-matt black alligator strap with steel folding clasp 18 mm, very delicate.
We can see, this watch’s ear is not large, with case, strap perfect contact, seamless. Surface polished, stylish and elegant image impeccable.

4102 4103
Look at the dial, fine silver guilloche Glyph reminds me of automobile exhaust grille, sigh Cartier really is an antique car elements into the watch. Three o’clock position of the date display window or six o’clock position with a small seconds dial, blue steel seconds hand leaf and sword-shaped blue steel hour and minute hands, with the usual classic black Roman numerals, clear, atmosphere, have courage. Watch won my heart with a small seconds and calendar, compared to other complex functions, compact Drive de Cartier sufficient.
1904 MC-type workshops refined self-winding mechanical movement
After years of sharpening, workshops refined movement matures. Drive de Cartier watch equipped Cartier 1904 MC-type workshops refined self-winding mechanical movement, this movement is the basis for one of the first batch of self-movement 2010 Cartier watches Workshop launched. For a basic movement, the rationality and power distribution is a key evaluation criteria. This movement uses a dual-barrel, the calendar function is also very practical, Cartier retouching portion for movement increasingly take heart, in addition to the conventional clamp portion Genève polish, also for the movement screw top were polished, people see the full sincerity.

4104 4105
As Cartier has independently developed a self-winding mechanical movement, double barrel mainspring torque settings ensure lasting stability, so this method a diameter of 11 points can be long-term movement accurate travel. Table with a transparent sapphire crystal back, back through the design allows us to see the intricate process of mechanical fake watches, accurate travel time, and each time the rotation is accompanied by the passage of time. Also waterproof 3 bar (30 meters / 100 feet).

4106 4107

Drive Men’s keen, independent, elegant

Cartier and Olivia teamed up to launch the micro-film from “Hand”, as Olivia Drive de Cartier men who love the same interpretation of the quality of life, in order to hand against the heart, the heart Yu. Olivia gives life to such a sharp, independent, elegant feel, with the pool of experience accumulated time, familiar with the art of living, confident live in the moment.
As far as I know, Cartier Drive de Cartier replica watches should be a blue balloon replacement products, blue balloon selling Cartier gain a good reputation, and Cartier continuous innovation, and further on the shape and quality, enduring the new elegance continuation of Cartier’s legendary, Drive de Cartier will become another classic masterpiece Cartier.

Under masculine exterior has a delicate heart filled under Drive de Cartier simple appearance of masculine power, complex movement after years of temper. If I choose, Drive de Cartier will not give up the most, and even dial carved deep are my favorite. Sharp, independent, elegant watch, is the first choice for men who love life.
Drive De Cartier is a man of charm vane, video footage Olivia leisurely manner, self determination eyes, leisurely charm, as worn Drive de Cartier watches typically have pure and powerful force. If you are enthusiastic about life, you may wish to wear such a neat appearance, sunlight elegant Drive de Cartier replica watches.

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Panerai PAM 00661 replica watches

Switzerland always been called “Watch homeland”, and today I tell you: there is a place called Italy also have Haute Horlogerie, where a long history, full of art. Then this, people will immediately know how to blurt out: Panerai. Yes, that is born in 1860, has a bond with the ocean’s senior watch brand. Today to introduce the launch of a new Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 3-day power storage watch, the official model: PAM00661.

4058 4059

One will be able to see through, and only Panerai replica

With a shape that can be seen through the cheap replica watches is not much, even if one of Panerai, the case design RECOGNIZABLE Panerai became irreplaceable DNA, while accompanied by a wide strap, exaggerated care bridge and minimalist dial with a scale, as long as people looked to never forget. We all know that Panerai was first to serve the Italian Royal Navy, born with a military form descent, although with the development into a civilian watch, but still did not get rid of the original flavor. Many people love it, not only because of its distinctive, but also to pursue a feeling, personal feeling full of retro flavor every piece of Panerai, do not need to do anything special design, which one can easily make people recall ever.

You must dare to play a bold, innovative materials Panerai

In the current fight this new era, the major watch brands are really pull out all the stops, creativity everywhere. Panerai adhering to tradition, it is also innovative, Take the case material, is also playing a lot of “tricks” used including bronze, titanium, PVD, aluminum, ceramics, etc., including a variety of materials.

4060 4061
I believe many people still remember, last year launched a Panerai to Carbotech carbon fiber composite materials for the production of watch PAM00616, so watch industry much surprise, this material is unique, it can be said is the first to be applied to the senior watch making among. In May this year in Florence, the birthplace Panerai brand ended DIVE INTO TIME exhibition, Panerai again using the same material showed a new Luminor Marina, which is PAM00661 While this article to introduce to character color value won unanimous praise.
According to official statistics: in order to produce material Carbotech watch components using carbon fiber sheet in a temperature controlled by high pressure compression and added polymer polyether ether ketone (PEEK), to this composite bonding in together, make it harder and more durable. Depends on the structure, mechanical properties Carbotech similar materials than used in the watch industry or other materials (such as ceramics and titanium metal) is more advantageous. Carbotech weight ratio of the two materials are lighter, better able to withstand outside influence, but does not cause allergic reactions, not susceptible to corrosion.

4062 4063
Thus, in the material Panerai innovations brought about remarkable achievement indeed should not be underestimated. Editors personally touched this watch, highly textured matte black surface, texture is also very nice, and watch each one due to the cutting mode are different and show different patterns, become a unique presence.
Watch not only the use of innovative materials technology, the case also with the new changes, but still maintains some of the Panerai taste. Pillow Case 44mm full military style sense, the new Luminor Marina watch from the Luminor 1950 evolved, but loyal to the original design, compared to look even more slim, but also reduce a lot of weight.

4064 4065
But also with the eye-catching crown for the bridge it means proportionately adjusted only with very strong water resistance to a depth of 300 meters.
Panerai dial design never too much decoration, pure black disk dotted pale yellow standard scale, classic dots interspersed with Arabic numerals, showing a hint of distant history of taste. 12 and 6 o’clock decorated with logos and brand Panerai watch to your family, the rectangular opening at 3 o’clock date display window.

4066 4067
In this year’s Panerai design, in addition to material innovation in design also improved. While this watch small seconds pointer using a more eye-catching blue, is formed on the dial only contrasting elements, blue ocean, but also highlights the Panerai marine soul, very chic and elegant.
Panerai attention to detail design feature that can be said is well known, both the crown, or strap lugs are of high quality evidence, even the polished edges and corners of the case is filled with a sense of design.

Turning a watch for the soul, it is natural to talk about the most central parts – the movement. Although this watch uses a dense bottom pan design, the movement can not see the true capacity, but still want to edit for everyone to poke the veil to find out:
PAM00661 Panerai replica watches is equipped with the newly released P.9010 self-winding mechanical movement, While this movement officially launched in May this year, with basic display time, date display and three days moving storage function. Movement diameter 13¾ fractionation, thickness 6 mm by 200 parts, including 31 jewels. With support arms balance cock supporting the vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz) of the balance wheel, pull out the device is connected at the crown can suspend the operation of the balance wheel, so watch to adjust time in perfect sync with the time signal. In addition, P.9010 movement means mounted independently to each cell one hour before and after the move the hour hand, the minute hand will not be affected, easy adjustment. This function is to make the transition area or winter time change especially convenient, but also can adjust the clock and automatically correct the date display.
Panerai PAM00661 is a new masterpiece of color have high value content, and 44mm in diameter Panerai “clan” in it, men and women are optional size; innovative materials and unique texture is cut unprecedented fresh design, in short, this watch to Panerai advanced sports watch define a new logo

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