Lange Saxonia replica watches

In eastern Germany, there is a clockwork – Saxony, one of Germany’s most important watch industry cluster is located, it is also the birthplace of German watchmaking. Name Lange Saxonia watches, is derived from this, but also to pay tribute to the founder of Lange replica has created a brilliant place. Lift Saxony, Lange has held a special exhibition at the beginning of the year, “Saxony: German craftsmanship homeland”, to show the wide range of Saxony and the humanities landscape. Lange Saxonia watches in 2016 with the new changes, in addition to ultra-thin models, large calendar and moon phase “alone” for Saxonia Moon Phase watch adds a dash of color, and today we take a look together, 384.026 this time wrist watch.

Since 1994, Lange revival, big calendar and Saxony series will be born at the same time. All along, the large calendar Lange watch design is a mark of a strong, it originated in the 19th century founder of Lange participate in their father designed Dresden Semper Opera digital clock five minutes. Lange replica watches accompanied the rise of the big calendar when Lange witnessed a meter and a brilliant born. The moon phase, plays an important role in Lange product line, which gives unlimited reverie Lange watch, accurate design and exquisite moon phase process, so that we see a charming Lange.

4571 4572

Rigorous style of German watchmaking

Germany world-renowned, and one of the traditional process known category is watch. From the origin of the 19th century, represents the highest level in Germany Lange watchmaking industry, it will deeply reflect the German spirit that better quality from the bones. Lange Saxonia series of large calendar moon phase replica watches combines Lange’s two well-known complex structures – a large calendar and moon phases, the first in the series under the above symmetrical Saxony presented in a way, a total of two precious metals platinum and rose gold version.

4573  4574
In today’s innovation boom, a lot of people think that innovation is the subversion of the traditional, but in the historical trend, the mechanical watch innovation really survive, the vast majority are not. Lange is a focus on innovation brand, but follow a foundation that is a long history of traditional watchmaking brand formed. Rounded case, Barton-type standard scale, daggers pointer, these are the traditional Saxon series; large calendar display at 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock Precision moon phase, which is Saxony range of innovative.

4575 4576
Using platinum watch case, the table diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 9.8 mm, a law-abiding watch size. Under such a size, no matter how large wrist Europeans, Asians or partial small wrist, can match.

4577 4578

Lange’s first large calendar and moon phase “alone” in Saxonia watches

For a long time, although there have been series Lange Saxonia swiss replica watches moon phase calendar and large occur simultaneously, but are large complex watches, high prices prohibitive. This year, Lange these two traditional and classic features, alone together, in addition to Lange Lange 1 series, more business people have a range of children’s new choice. Large double window calendar origins have mentioned before, it’s instantaneous jump digital display, so that if we came to the Semper Opera House.

4579  4580
Moon phase is Lange’s forte, as a German Haute Horlogerie model, Lange moon phase right way, not only has a unique protection devices, while through the seven stages of transmission speed, makes the watch moon phase in the context of normal operation, every 122.6 years before the day’s error with an accuracy of up to 99.998%. Moreover, Lange produced using 18K solid gold moon phase dial, coated with a dark blue coat Lange patent, and laser etching technology, the moon phase disc carving out at least 852 stars. Thus, the entire moon phase will constitute a dazzling star map, slowly in circulation between your wrist.

Convenient features

Lange’s unique charm, but also very easy to use operation, on the one hand due to the relative independence of Lange function modules, easy to adjust the settings button, on the other hand taking into account the design Lange balance the appearance of the watch, then month phase elevator buttons will do a hidden process, the use of specialized tuning tools can be easily adjusted. Of course, this may also be a consideration exists, Lange is the phase of the moon is very accurate, if you have been wearing, moon phase almost no adjustment, so the frequency of use of this button will be low, there is no need to do very prominent, so as to avoid collision.
In the 10 o’clock position, an additional square elevator buttons, you can quickly adjust the big calendar. Because Lange large calendar for the structural design of the double combination of digital disk display, completely different from the traditional calendar can speed dial ring large, traditional structure can not be directly crown quickly transfer large calendar, so, this design also became Lang It features a large calendar grid.

Lange cheap replica watches charm, a large part of the reason lies in its unique movement, this gold watch equipped with Lange L086.5 self-winding movement, automatic pendulum Tuo 950 platinum production, all finishing uphold Lange watchmaking tradition, reflecting the German watchmaking model. Lange Saxonia large calendar moon phase watch, wrist between the taste of time.

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IWC Pilot’s Replica Watch Chronograph TOP GUN

Pilot’s Watch, has been excellent quality, Naicao quality, exquisite color value is known, is a table faithful relish replica watches. Speaking of TOP GUN, many people first thought should be Tom Cruise starred in the 1986 movie “Top Gun TOP GUN”, in fact, the real origin of the name, is a US Navy fighter defense school offers “fighter tactics instructor “special training courses (Top Gun). In 2007, named “TOP GUN Navy air combat forces” watch join the IWC pilot watch series. Its name is derived from the legend to provide special training courses for fighter pilots – “Top Gun”. And the series, once launched won wide praise. 2016, IWC replica Top gun in the series has added a masterpiece that Pilot’s TOP GUN Navy air combat forces MIRAMAR Chronograph. (Model: IW3890002)

“Is it changed you, or do you want to create a new self?” This is Zhou Xun in commercials in the nations said in a classic discourse. From the initial “tomb shortage vegetarian” little fox Chawla to classic musical “Perhaps Love” in the pursuit of dreams Sun Na, to “Painted Skin” in Millennium fox spirit Xiao Wei and other classic roles along the way, with excellent acting she received countless praise, with 25 years of popular interpretation of many roles. In the commercials, she will own 25 years of working and living compared to flight, every eyes must return to the beginning of the heart, to face the challenges of a new role, as a pilot full of energy, just the end of combat missions landed, immediately there the new mandate requires her to take off. Some people say forget themselves, to play good people, and Zhou Xun thinks each a different “her” are new self.

The early strength of the heart and also coincides with the pilot cheap replica watches, 1936, IWC IWC and the sky soon, launched its first “pilot special watch.” In the ensuing 80 years among, IWC IWC uphold the beginning of the heart, has always been committed to create the most pure pilot’s watches.


2016, IWC replica watches to “create extraordinary beginning of the heart” as the theme, launched a number of orthodox elegant timepiece masterpiece, writing a new chapter in the legendary sky. The Pilot’s TOP GUN Navy air combat forces MIRAMAR chronograph is one of the classic representatives.
With the same wristwatch as compared to the previous year, made a great change. Reduced diameter 2 mm watch case and dial design has been slightly adjusted. Black cockpit design and attractive material combination, distributed rich military style, highlighting the TOP GUN Navy air combat forces charm and charisma.

4542 4543
Engraved on the bottom of the table Top Gun Naval Air Warfare Forces flag, compared with the color marking is more restrained. Also has to protect the soft iron inner shell effective against magnetic interference.

In historic precision navigation watch dial-inspired design, with a strong aircraft cockpit of déjà vu.
Since green nylon carrying strap watches IWC Mark eleven advent of the nations on the part of the watch has been extended with a nylon strap embossed green technology, also known as “Nato strap” can be said IWC brand characteristics one of the highlights.4546
With this new replica watches strap calfskin, classic art heritage, while meeting today’s high degree of quality and aesthetic standards. Compared with nylon strap, calfskin strap has a higher shape stability, wear more comfortable advantage. With stainless steel folding clasp, easy to wear, easy to loose.

Diameter 44 mm watch ceramic case, soft texture is stable. Lighter than steel case, more scratch resistant and more resistant to corrosion. Watch the atmosphere, tough temperament has been a perfect interpretation.

On smoke gray dial, avant-garde design in red hour and minute circle outside the circle, breaking the traditional display, highlight the unique style watch, increase readability. Heavy equipment by a single date, dial design more clear and crisp. Timing recording 1-12 minutes in between the display in the “12 o’clock” position in a separate small dial, chronograph and easy to read manner. The central chronograph seconds hand chronograph measuring time within one minute. With flyback function, press the reset button chronograph instantly to zero, you can immediately start a new round of counting.

Radian natural lugs, polished black ceramic case exudes luster, very beautiful.
There around the needle and 3,6,9,12 timescale fluorescent display, even in dark environments can accurately grasp the time.

Equipped with 89361 automatic movement drive, timing precision. Providing 68 hours of power reserve after the full chain, endurance functional excellence.

Inheritance plus innovative, sophisticated technology, robust tabulation attitude, coupled with the US Navy air clan element constituting such a set of beautiful, domineering, tough style of a pilot series of IWC TOP GUN Navy air combat forces MIRAMAR timing watch, like tough aviator watch, and the Friends of the army hobby table of elements can be considered to start a watch.

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Swiss replica watches exports in August fell 8.8%

According to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FH) today released data, in August 2016 the Swiss watch exports to 1.35 billion Swiss francs, down 8.8%. Neutral base effect and did not change one more working day Swiss watch industry exports since the beginning of this year downward trend.


Swiss replica watches

Decline in exports is mainly attributable to watch precious metals (-26.4%). On the other hand, stainless steel fake watches(+ 5.9%) and other materials replica watches (+ 16.8%) both exports growth. As for exports, exports of various materials watch statistics across the board floating green.

The export price is higher than 3,000 Swiss francs products (-14.4%) exports sharply decreased, resulting in a significant impact on the overall trend of exports. On the other hand, export prices ranged from 200 to 3,000 Swiss francs products exports showed significant growth. The export price is lower than 200 Swiss francs in export volume (-9.4%) decreased significantly, but exports (-0.7%) remained stable.

Swiss watch world’s major export markets in August, showing a drastic change in the trend: Some steep down, others bucked the trend. Hong Kong market (-28.7%) continued the downward trend in 18 months. After a honeymoon period, the US market (-12.4%) in July confirmed the downturn is not short-lived. Growth, the Chinese mainland market (+ 29.1%) strong performance, particularly thanks to favorable base effects; the UK (+ 23.5%) strong growth, continue to benefit from off-European referendum. German market (-14.7%) fell sharply for the fifth consecutive month. Room for two months, the Japanese market (-27.1%) condition suddenly deteriorated sharply.

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Blancpain replica watches Classic Tasting

Today, I bring you the latest version of the watches, Blancpain replica VILLERET classic series full calendar moon phase watch 6639A-3631-55B.

Mention Blancpain watch full calendar month, had from the 1970s “quartz crisis” Speaking of cheap quartz movement dumping the global market, almost all Swiss watch brands are subjected to a severe impact, the traditional mechanical watchmaking industry is facing a serious crisis. Blancpain did not succumb to such a crisis, remain convinced that the charm of mechanical watches, mechanical replica watches adhere to production and ultimately with unique mechanical watch full calendar moon phase function and regain the affection and trust of consumers, by this and out of control.

Back table Figure

FIG movement

Digital Debate hidden meaning

As a full calendar month Blancpain VILLERET classic series of new phase watch 6639A-3631-55B, debuted at this year’s Basel International Watch Fair, which watches replica is designed to replace the commonly used Arabic numerals Roman numerals, and Blancpain to this classic retro vintage Style Arabic numerals tribute.
(Left for the 2016 models: 6639A-3631-55B right picture shows the 2014 models: 6639-3631-55B)
Arabic numbers alone, this has to be said that the Blancpain watch full calendar month in the design of a major breakthrough, and a watch worn on the hand symbol of identity and status Needless to say, the value of the collection is high, while Arabic numerals are more in line with our Asian graphic recognition consciousness. But in an era called “the Islamic occupation of Europe”, watch digital scale just as the time changes, exactly where the natural implication on how we should get to the bottom and taste, but one thing is undeniable that the Oriental culture being more and more attention.

Full calendar month Wife meaning heavy

The watch is also equipped with self-winding movement Cal.6639, it has up to 192 28-hour long power reserve, and also supports full calendar moon phase function, anytime, anywhere to view a specific calendar, calendar and week.
Blancpain full calendar moon phase watch the world as “the most classic moon phase watch,” it creatively time running behind the scenes manipulator moon phase placed in a round box below the dial, with date and in order to guide three months running from the calendar deduction, fully demonstrates the integrity of time wrist. Similarly, the month wanes, people have sorrow and joy, we Chinese people on the moon has a unique meaning, a precise and comprehensive watch decorated with a lift undulating moon, sufficient to characterize the fluctuation of our entire inner world ups and downs.


Pointer Road sincere

The watch dial is visually soft and moist, the layout of the balance beautiful, intelligent face of the moon and the stars flickered around each other. Blancpain has always been its willow-shaped hollow pointer elegant atmosphere, all in one of the industry’s widely praised radians, have “the first needle” reputation; when the pointer points have been very slim, but it does not seem weak, and do through a special hollow handle, lightly can no longer light up, it does not appear to be frivolous, actually more than a few noble; serpentine top blue steel hands, with “curved arc” process, the length of the date exactly fit the inside of the ring read more convenient time.

Blancpain classic series full calendar moon phase watch 6639A-3631-55B


This cheap fake watches, with excellent automatic mechanical movement, traditional craftsmanship and modern technology integration, not only in line with changes of style of the times, but also reflects the spirit of the brand Blancpain heritage. Willow-shaped hollow pointer and serpentine blue steel pointer to the unique technology “revitalize” the watch outside, full calendar month is given a watch which one kind of deep friendship, “God tangible, vivid “wearing such a watch, you get more than just a daily necessities, but also a pleasant spirit of enjoyment.

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Mido leader in sports replica watches

In the summer, I do not think what a water sport, surfing can be like that, in a very simple equipment, you can enjoy water speed through stimulation. Mid-century, due to appear after World War II brought about the development of materials science, the plastic plate rapidly promoted the development of surfing, surfing has become one of the most popular water sport in 1963 a “Surfing USA” is reflected not only in the United States Surfing popular culture, but also the unique charm of singing rock. However, far from the coast surfer when how can less got a safe and reliable meter reading to distinguish time, in 2016, Mido modern aesthetic considerations, bringing many pieces have stylish appearance, both reliability leader wrist table, help watersports enthusiasts challenge themselves, to enjoy the fabulous water sports. M026.430.11.041.00, where blue watches, fashion shows of young sports activity.

Mido replica watches leader was born in 1944, that is coming to an end World War II period, when Mido to watch the Strait of Gibraltar Europa Point Lighthouse inspired design leader Mido watches to watch embodies security and trusted quality. At that time, a time when technology watch waterproof depth exploration stage, Mido by a special waterproof structure crown cork to solve the most vulnerable watch crown water problems, after which the system was named Aquadura cork sealing system, and in this excellent waterproof performance, as the leader of Ocean Star series features.
Today, the original waterproofing system has already been fully updated, modern waterproofing system is widely used, Mido leader long use kinetic energy sports watch waterproof screwed crown, to achieve 200 meters of water depth, perfect for surfing, sailing, snorkeling, diving and other water sports. Meanwhile, the outer ring diving watch equipped with unidirectional rotating bezel rotation means irreversible, provide security for diving. Sunday calendar dual indication for everyday wear to provide reliable information.


Mido replica leader long kinetic energy sports watch

70 years, the leader of Mido watches have already been multiple changes of the times, never diving bezel water table today located in the professional water sports timepiece, strong personality from standard to highly modern perspective overall very coordinated look, leader Mido watches have a new transformation. Emphasis on practical and aesthetic design in the balance among Mido leader long power sports watch to maintain the series outstanding sporty, no frills, so that each functional area and is very clearly visible. Language you let the sea, just a glimpse of peripheral vision can read the time.

Despite the development of many dynasties changed the appearance of the series leader, but the bar is still showing some three-dimensional scale shadow early in the series watches. Pierced by diamond cutting around the needle, vigorous and effective, orange tip seconds clear instructions every moment of time. All pointer and scale are covered with super luminous coating, absorb light energy during the day, living in the dark will be issued in the faint light. Red disk “CALIBER 80” represents the internal watch equipped with the latest generation use Mido Caliber 80 automatic mechanical movement.

As a distinctive style sports watch, Mido leader long series of kinetic energy in the song Run sports watch case design by distinct angular lugs, crown shoulder pad geometry, and flutes sharp skid bezel side, reflects the eclectic character of perseverance, as well as a solid, practical watch features.
Stainless steel steel case, polished side after a silky, seemingly rough surface has a good touch feel, at the same time serve to reduce wear and tear role. Case arc edges are polished, these different shading, is a reflection of cold steel material texture, which is the color of men’s favorite sport of power.

4427 4428
Through the side, we can see the thickness of 11.75 mm watch, in fact, did not imagine so thick, but is a modest sports watch size. As a sports replica watches, thin means not practical, the lack of adequate security, but also affect the wear too thick, so in the premise of security features to meet all the sports watch, are trying to do a very modest size, in general, are about 11-13 mm, the excess will be able to clearly feel some of the thickness (unless the table diameter increases accordingly).
Stainless steel bracelet through the inside of the spring structure, coupled with a solid case, and in front, it has been exactly the same bracelet and lugs fixed curvature, the curvature of the top of the arc with the case perfect fit, maintain a smooth overall visually.

Taking into account the comfort of wearing the watch, bracelet and exterior appearance, three-row steel bracelet frosted surface, the outer edge of the bracelet instead of angular surfaces are all polished. In addition, the outer and inner lines bracelet also has a slight gradient, so as to meet the change in curvature of the wrist.

4430 4431
Every detail, in order to function as a starting point, each point of the design, but also blend in every detail, so long Mido series leader this year is extremely dynamic sports watch sports watch worth owning. Diving and diving safety devices designed with folding clasp, unidirectional rotating diving bezel, water resistant to 200 meters, plus the Calibre 80 automatic mechanical movement brought about by the kinetic energy of up to 80 hours of storage, which will undoubtedly water is a great professional sports watch. Watch is priced at 7100 yuan, with a good advantage in the same type of replica watches.

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