Vacheron Constantin replica watches

You asked me where to go, I pointed to the direction of the sea. Once upon a time, in order to conquer the world to traveled mountains and rivers, across the five ocean has become the dream of every man’s mind. “The world is so big, I want to see.” This sentence is also bursting with red network. Because we are in this world, there are too many worthy of us to tremble the magical landscape, moved people or things to experience and feel … … think about it, in the vast world, comprehend the big The beauty of nature is unrestrained. Vacheron Constantin replica launched in 2016 the OVERSEAS series of universal timepiece will re-interpretation of the great feat of vertical and horizontal. Series, a blue dial chronograph exceptionally conspicuous, it is the home of the watch today to show you the exquisite work. (Watch model: 5500V / 110A-B148)


Vertical and horizontal write a new chapter in the history of the watch


Watch the show

1977 launched a universal source of inspiration: to commemorate the brand’s 222 anniversary of the famous “222 model” watch. This sports watch with a screw-in bezel and case back, waterproof up to 120 meters, designed for people who yearn for an active lifestyle design. Based on this classic watch, in 1996, the first overseas series of universal series of horizon was born.

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Vertical and horizontal series of the world to travel the spirit and the attitude of the world based on the integration of a variety of superb technology, is to demonstrate Vacheron Constantin skills level of the masterpiece. Dynamic streamlined appearance and iconic bezel design is its unique characteristics, sturdy table bottom cover is engraved with the famous navigator Amerigo Vespucci sailboat pattern, as if and the wearer to the seven ocean adventure. Today, Vacheron Constantin has been continuously developed and perfected Overseas series of vertical and horizontal, such as the 2004 launch of the brand logo with Malta Cross logo metal bracelet watch. In 2016, the engraving of the Geneva seal of the Overseas aspect of the new works will become the brand in the twenty-first century sail masterpiece.

Details change the spirit of a clear vertical and horizontal traveler


Watch the whole show

Wrist watches replica uk smooth surface and ergonomic smooth lines, subtle lighting effects and exquisite craftsmanship, beautiful, generous, showing a unique temperament. After polished and other process, the appearance of smooth steel material natural curve, the process of precision and aesthetic texture of both. Round with a polished and satin modified bezel and case, more ornamental. A sapphire crystal cover with anti-glare design ensures eye-catching accuracy, aesthetics and goggles. Six-sided bezel design and a cylindrical crown with a groove design is also very aesthetic.

Watch dial display

Crystal blue tone of the sun pattern brushed dial, highlighting the watch layering. Through the sapphire crystal screw-in table bottom cover can be wrist watch 22K gold pendulum at a glance. Sandblasting, polishing and texture processing and other multi-channel processing, decorated with a more beautiful compass pattern, simple and generous. Luminous hands and gold bezel around the bezel complement each other, even in darker environments can grasp the time, avant-garde design Arabic numerals to ensure the best time to read.

Watch dial display

In addition, the watch has a soft iron case lining, which can effectively protect the watch from magnetic intrusion, to ensure the accuracy and durability of the watch.

Watch crown display

The same is stainless steel material of the watch crown with non-slip texture design to prevent skaters, to ensure operational accuracy. After grinding the crown emits the unique luster of steel material, very beautiful. Plus a unique brand of semi-Maltese cross decoration, watch the watch for the extra points.

Watch movement display

Watch carrying a transparent screw-in bottom cover, to ensure a water depth of 150 meters. Through the bottom cover can see the movement of the movement, do not have some fun. This watch for Vacheron Constantin fake own production 5200 self-winding movement. Engraved Geneva mark certification to ensure the accuracy of travel time.

Heart and “change” of the bracelet


Detachable strap display

Another feature of the watch is the strap detachable, replaceable, replace the convenient stainless steel or precious metal bracelets to choose from – with the easy replacement of the replacement device is to enhance the overall comfort of the watch – leather Strap and rubber strap is also true. Watch chain / strap and folding buckle / pinhole clasp on the original replacement device, safe disassembly replacement is easier, and does not affect the bracelet or strap of the rugged durability. In addition, the stainless steel bracelet is equipped with an adjustment system for the wrist between 2 to 4 mm of space to fit different sizes of wrist, to ensure comfortable to wear.

Watch bracelet display

Overseas chain bracelet, curved metal satin brushed bracelet polished inner corner engraved with semi-Maltese cross decoration; rubber strap is also decorated with this Vacheron brand logo; flat alligator strap with soft and comfortable Of the cowhide lining and pinhole clasp, will wear comfortable and perfect combination of sports beauty.

Three strap / chain display

Summary: Vacheron Constantin as a world famous brand, the world has provided a lot of classic watch, in the watch industry’s achievements quite abundant. Watch this house today introduced this watch is another masterpiece. Hale, bold design, plus a wealth of features to watch the ability to accompany you to the vertical and horizontal, to complete your dream man. If your heart has been the conquest of mountains and rivers, the dream of the ocean, start with such a watch will be your best choice.

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IWC Portuguese fake watches

Last year, IWC FAKE fans are excited to make the year, the iconic series of the 75th anniversary of Portugal, launched many new Portuguese watch, in the technical and aesthetic aspects of making a number of improvements, and equipped with new features. And brand research and development of self-produced 52000 series movement is also fully equipped with the new Portuguese watch series of  fake IWC watches sale.

IWC has no calendar watch, the introduction of this watch can be said to make up the nations in the perpetual calendar and a simple date display between the blank. The movement was the latest Cal.52850 developed homemade movement, carrying two barrels, full chain can provide 7 days power reserve, and the calendar itself is also a very practical and has a high cost performance.

This new calendar IWC  replica watch (model: IW503504), equipped with a diameter of 44.2 mm 18K red gold case and silver dial. Three separate semi-circular window above the dial to display the month, date and week, the switching mechanism has been automatically taken into account the number of days each month. Different from the calendar, the calendar does not consider the number of days in February, nor consider the impact of leap year, so the end of February each year to conduct a manual adjustment, simply adjust the crown can be simple and convenient.

Double-sided anti-reflective arched edge Sapphire glass mirror, silver-plated dial. Small three-pin design, 3 o’clock position 7 power reserve slot display red gold small pointer, 9 o’clock position set small seconds red gold small second hand. Foreign aid track minute minute scale and Arabic numerals hour position display. Tidy layout, read the date and time is very convenient.

Calendar display design simple and neat, with three separate semi-circular window displays the month, date and week, located in 11 points to 1 point between the scale.

18K red gold screw into the crown, the Portuguese series has always crown shape, the crown engraved top brand English Logo.

Black crocodile leather strap, neat texture, black hand stitching, more refined. Red gold to create the folding clasp, easy to wear, brushed the buckle handle and engraved with the IWC replica watches brand logo.

Side thickness of 15.30 mm, wearing a sense of moderate IWC replica, groove-type bezel and case side of the drawing process to maintain the Portuguese series used to a style.

Lugs also continues the style of the nations, arc nature, positive polished polished round and bright.
Sapphire back through, beautiful movement at a glance. Equipped with a new Cal.52850 self-winding movement, no fine-tuning Glucydur? Balance wheel, balance wheel with fine-tuning screws and Breguet hairspring, put Tuo decorated with 18K gold badge. The movement is equipped with two barrels to provide greater torque to drive the three display discs. In addition, the full chain, the double barrel can also watches fake for up to seven days of power reserve to provide sufficient energy.

Almanac function adjustment can be adjusted only by the crown. Movement in the wheel to promote the date wheel. The date advance wheel has two different propulsion indicators, one for the date and month display, and one for the week. When midnight, with the help of the top of the pointer to achieve the date conversion. The display of the month and the setting wheel for adjusting the length of the month are controlled by two pins in the date display panel. The first pin on the display disc pushes the set wheel to rotate one grid. A stylus on the push rod identifies a 30-day month with a deeper incision on the setting wheel, setting a longer switching path for it. As a result, the date of the double transformation of the next day to achieve through the push rod.

This calendar IWC fake watches is also made up of vacancies for the nations, has a historical significance of a watch. Calendar function is very useful, and completely adjusted by a single crown is very simple and easy, I believe that after the listing price will tend to be reasonable, cost is very high. Simple and neat dial design elegant appearance, suitable for any occasion to wear.

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Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph replica

Turning to the pioneering and innovative, you may think of leaving the Spanish coast across the Atlantic to find the New World great navigator Columbus, but talked about luxury sports watch design and breakthroughs, the first thought is no doubt again and again to break the conventional watch Pioneer brand Audemars Piguet replica. In 1972, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak fake watches with stainless steel case, octagonal bezel, “TAPISSERIE” checkered dial and watch case with one of the four straps revolutionary innovation came out shocked, and created a luxury sports wrist Table of the new era.

In 1993, the Royal Oak Offshore (Royal Oak Offshore) turned out, in addition to follow the tradition of the Royal Oak, the more 42 mm case, the external visible waterproof washer, with a tachometer timing function , And then the chronograph maximum waterproof performance (100 meters) and other innovative design once again set the luxury sports watch the field of the inherent concept.

The latest models of the Royal Oak Offshore chronograph in the past on the basis of the design to add more advanced technology and aesthetic design. In the case material is more abundant, the introduction of rose gold, black and white ceramics and other materials. The Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph (Model: 26470OR.OO.A002CR.01) is a 42 mm rose gold case, rose gold dial, with crocodile leather strap and ceramic button chronograph.

In 1986, Audemars Piguet made of bracelet first used in the watch, is the first use of ceramic materials, one of the watch manufacturers. This rose gold case on the side of the black ceramic to create the timing button and screw-in crown with a sharp contrast, highlighting the brand unconventional, avant-garde superior design characteristics.

Handmade black crocodile leather strap with 18K rose gold button buckle, closer to the wrist, did not affect the power of the fake watch.

The first large-size watch of the precedent 42 mm large case Needless to say, decorated with eight platinum screws 18K rose gold case, anti-glare treatment sapphire crystal mirror and the bottom cover together for the precision parts of the watch protection. Dial and bezel design is the “Offshore” concept interpretation most vividly. Rose gold tone dial engraved “Méga Tapisserie” large checkered decoration, black dial on the black dial and black inner bezel and black crown and black chronograph button echoes. Dial 3 position with a calendar display window, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock position respectively with 12 hours and 30 minutes integral disk, 12 o’clock position with a small seconds. Brand acronym Three-dimensional inlay in real gold to make the overall style more consistent, more offshore spirit, black fluorescent Arabic numerals and rose gold fluorescence Royal Oak pointer in the night to break the quiet, clear when reading, in any case are at a glance .
Sapphire crystal case back design, so Audemars Piguet Cal.3126 / 3840 chronograph movement panoramic view. Movement consists of 365 precision parts, with exquisite patterns engraved with ceramic ball bearings 22K gold automatic steering, steering gear engraved with exquisite designs. Movement plywood, respectively, to do the drawing and Geneva grinding, the edge of the diamond planer chamfer. Provides at least 55 hours of power storage.

“Off shore”, that is, leave the coast, meaning to leave the security field, leave the comfort zone, to explore, to find, to break Xinjiang, to break the shackles. The replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Series has revolutionized the concept of luxury sport watches since 1993 with the concept of “Offshore”, the creative movement of luxury sports watches, as the pioneer of luxury sports watches Deserved.

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Bvlgari Octo Velocissimo replica Chronograph

For a long time, black has always been a force to guide the fashion industry, unique masculinity and elegant style Therefore, when the Bulgari replica symbolic and Italian classical architecture and the East aesthetic octagonal tightly clad with a layer of black DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating, the profound and elegant Italian aesthetic will be immediately presented. It can make people immediately think of architecture and furniture masterpiece, in a variety of situations are comfortable to wear.

Bvlgari fake Basel watch this year released a new Octo Ultranero cool charm series watches, with a cool black interpretation of the modern style of tone. Watches are “all black” or “almost black” posture appearance, given the time-meter full of modern man-made watch the iconic appearance, it can be said is designed for contemporary urban elegance of men and design.

One of the chronograph (model: 102488 BGO41BBSPGVDCH), 41 mm case with stainless steel and rose gold combination of materials, the octagonal inner circle of classic bezel with 18K rose gold material, and the table body lugs, etc. Using black steel DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating, polished and brushed polished, as black ceramic in general. With a one-piece black rubber strap, in the classic extraordinary appearance on the added fashion casual style.

18K rose gold crown, crown inlaid with black ceramic. While the timing button is made of stainless steel DLC coating.

Black rubber strap with a D.L.C. coated pin buckle, wear simple and convenient, more suitable for everyday wear.

OCTO series of each case consists of a minimum of 110 section composition, the shell, bezel and bottom cover, each part are subjected to complex processes, with delicate handmade carefully build and polish.

Black polished finish dial, OCTO series of unique dial style, hand-lined rose gold time scale, 30 minutes at 3 o’clock position, 12 o’clock at 6 o’clock position, 9 o’clock position for small seconds plate. The date display is in the middle of the 4,5 o’clock position. Reading clear, at a glance.

Octagon case bottom cover with eight pentagons 18K rose gold screws, a sapphire crystal bottom cover embedded in them, equipped with self-produced Cal.BVL328 high-frequency mechanical chronograph movement (5 Hz), with siliceous Escapement and self-winding system. The automatic disc uses ball bearings to optimize the winding, and has two barrels of winding, can provide about 50 hours of power reserve. Movement by the round grain, Geneva ripples and chamfering and hand-scroll processing.

Gold and black to create a contrast effect, adding the replica watches Aspect, cool black and gold contrast. Dial timing function so that this watch does not look rigid. This watch is undoubtedly designed for love in the classic shape and love the fashion leisure activities of self-confident men and design, while in the elegant, but also retains a natural relaxation, an embellishment of life fun, pass from Italy’s passion charm breath.

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Baume & Mercier Clayton Chronograph replica

Baume & Mercier fake watches represents a charming timeless style, of course, by virtue of this unique temperament, has become the choice of many elegant men’s wrist. Famous brand of the existing table, both daily wear basic functions, but also with the playability of small complex functions, of course, there are some advanced features of complex models, this article will introduce a small complex function with the Cliton series of watches, which also has a calendar and timing two classic features, watch the official model: MOA10279.


Two classic complex functions, meaningful timeless style of achievement

Celebrity Clayton Full Chrono Chronograph series of exquisite delicate, timeless style, filling the masculine atmosphere of a man, at the same time with chronograph and full calendar two functions. This article, the editor will introduce this paragraph contains a superb watchmaking skills of the table models:


Celebrity Clayton series full calendar chronograph Model: MOA10279

Celebrity has always been adhering to the “aestheticism, only to create the best quality of the watch,” the brand motto, and to celebrities Museum collection of “Golden Fifties” classic watch as inspiration, launched Cliton series to witness life Important moment. This Clayton series MOA10279 watch with all-steel material to create a blend of polished and satin two charming grinding process.


Stainless steel case

43 mm diameter full of modern features, round case with a layering, lug extended case to form a charming extension of the geometric lines, with excellent visual beauty. Fine quality of the steel into the fine after the polished, showing a luxurious texture, in the light of light, reflecting the color of light and shade changes.



Silver dial and steel case with the complement each other, to bring people a sense of comfort and calm atmosphere. Dial decorated with sun-ray ornaments, with Arabic numerals and rhodium-plated rivets table engraved with Cliton series of iconic blue steel pointer to form a clever contrast. In addition to the central indicator dial outer date, the 12-point position of the watch also set the window shows the week and month, 9 o’clock position is located around the clock display, moon phase display at 6 o’clock position, in addition, the dial is also equipped with Minute and hour timer disk (respectively at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position), chronograph pointer to blue steel carefully crafted.


Case radian nature


Timing keys and crown




A good watch, in addition to a practical and mechanical level on behalf of the function, the production details of the treatment is also very important elements. Through the pictures, we can easily see the celebrity this chronograph every detail design is very satisfactory, the case of the side of the satin polished, fully demonstrates the metal texture of stainless steel; case with the right time Function control button settings and the crown, the top crown for the celebrity classic logo, representing the Swiss precision timepiece considerations.


Stainless steel bracelet


Folding clasp


Watch with satin polished stainless steel 7-line bracelet, the perfect fit wrist, showing a unique style, while with a steel folding clasp, easy to wear, but also has a solid character.


Back through the bottom shell and the internal self-winding movement

Anti-scratch sapphire crystal case back with four screws fixed by the anti-reflective treatment, will automatically fine mechanical chain movement beauty exposed, put Tuo engraved scroll pattern and Geneva ornaments, its power reserve of 48 hours.
This Cliton series chronograph chronograph replica watches uk out of the famous brand concept: luxury, excellence, affinity, consistent with high-level watch strict production and attention to detail of the tradition.

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